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Bespoke performance programmes to unlock your organisation's potential. 

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In these changing times for business, differences between people’s expectations are altering dramatically.

Customer expectations have changed.

Employee expectations have changed.

Your expectations have changed.

Our 100 day inspirational training and coaching programme will raise your people’s brilliance; giving them the tools and communication skills to meet those expectations head on.

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 Our 100 days to make your people brilliant programmes are bespoke to your organisation, your people and your values.

Our coaching embeds the learning creating a lasting legacy.


New role…new expectations. Whether you have employees starting their first job, or employees stepping up to a new role, mutual expectations are undoubtedly high. Our 100-day programmes are developed to raise your people’s brilliance; giving them the tools and communication skills to meet those expectations head on.

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Future- focused, you aspire to create a culture where learning is paramount, because with learning comes the ability to move with and drive change in a fast-paced environment. You are ready to step away from the day to day role to develop strategic vision and growth. Our 100-day programme will give you the courage to make big decisions.

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Partner Electronics Ltd approached New to Experts because they were able to offer a bespoke programme that would meet our company's training needs and would work alongside us in developing and coaching our staff. One thing I liked was their openness to discuss our needs and to make the training bespoke and reactive to our company and individuals. Partner Electronics have found the experience a valuable process in developing our team skills especially around communicating with others and coaching.

                                               Richard Rydon, Director Partner Electronics

Terry Neild

Terry has a wealth of experience training and coaching graduates to executives across many industries, working with clients from SME’s to multi-national corporations such as ATOS and BAE Systems. Terry is fascinated by leadership and coaching and loves what he does – helping people achieve their goals.

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Fiona Kilsby

Fiona has over 20 years’ experience in delivering commercial success through the training, coaching and empowerment of individuals and teams in both commercial and not for profit organisations. Her motivation remains the same as always, to help individuals and organisations to achieve their personal and commercial goals; to encourage them to embrace change and have the courage to be the best they can be.

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