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Our values

Our values are genuinely important to us. We spent lots of time sense - checking that our values were aligned before we started the company, and they define how we operate individually and as a team -  day-in, day out. Here we share what they are and how we live them.

Curious – Uncovering what our clients really want by listening to understand and asking questions to follow the real interest.

Inspiring – Creating the programmes that builds rapport, promotes engagement and inspires people to change for the better.

Empowering – Enabling a culture changing learning experience through support and trust, empowering people to realise great possibilities through great coaching

How we live them:

Curious: When you meet us, we’ll to listen to understand, asking the questions that uncover your particular needs. We want to know about your organisation and your people. We want to know about your values. Only when we understand will we begin to design your programme. We’re also continually curious about the latest tools and techniques related to people development. We love seminars, webinars and books and would love to share our learning journey with you…(link to blog)

Inspiring: The participant is at the heart of all our programmes. We use minimal presentations, love learning experiential learning and give people time to reflect. Only then will they feel inspired to make lasting change beyond the learning environment.

Empowering: Our coaching and facilitative approach gives the participants the confidence to embed the learning which in turn, empowers them to embrace the change they need to be.

We take the time to build trust and approach our relationship with you and the participants as a long-term partnership.


Terry was my first encounter of a coach in the corporate world, and although this is the case, I doubt I will come across anyone who cares about coaching to such an impressive level. His ability to develop rapport in such short amounts of time allows his guidance to not only be accepted, but to be respected. The lessons he taught me through my 2 week graduate induction course with Atos will have a lasting effect on me throughout my career, particularly the different ways of dealing with the array of people I will come across in my life. Terry has provided me with guidance to move forward in my new endeavour at Atos, and I will stay in touch with him throughout my career as his talent is first class. Thanks Terry!

Nick Butler ATOS Graduate


New role…new expectations. Whether you have employees starting their first job, or employees stepping up to a new role, mutual expectations are undoubtedly high. Our 100-day programmes are developed to raise your people’s brilliance; giving them the tools and communication skills to meet those expectations head on.

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Future- focused, you aspire to create a culture where learning is paramount, because with learning comes the ability to move with and drive change in a fast-paced environment. You are ready to step away from the day to day role to develop strategic vision and growth. Our 100-day programme will give you the courage to make big decisions.

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