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Fiona Kilsby: Operations Director

about_fionaA bit more about my career and motivation...

I think I always knew that I wanted to manage people, from very early in my career as a nurse. Naively at the time I just believed I would do a better job than many of the people I had observed in senior roles. I believed that I would be better at motivating people, by taking the time to understand them, asking to engage them in the tasks to be completed, rather than telling. 

It was to be some year’s and a change of career from nursing in to the commercial world of pharmaceutical sales, before I gained my first management level role. I remember being perpetually hungry for knowledge in the years before gaining that first senior role. I constantly asked my boss to delegate tasks, so I could learn every aspect of the manager’s role. I was delighted to attend my first Management Development Programme at Ashridge, and enthusiastically completed all the homework. This was probably my first exposure to two things. One, that management encompassed a set of skills that you could learn, practice and develop and wasn’t something you were just supposed to have. Two, that “coaching” was an approach to developing individuals and teams more likely to work than the traditional directional approach.

Enhancing my skills, both on the job and academically I am delighted during my career to have developed award-winning individuals and teams. Always striving for improvements that support both the development of people and the achievement of organisational goals, I have re-designed recruitment processes, re-framed induction training, introduced competency frameworks, developed incentive programmes and led culture change initiatives….all whilst achieving the bottom-line numbers.

My personal motivation to continually develop led to more senior and strategic roles. A people – person at heart, I discovered I also loved the future-focused challenges; the external curiosity needed to develop strategy; the courage needed to drive a change in culture; the need to still engage and motivate individuals and teams whilst stepping away from the day to day management.

I am delighted to be able to utilise the myriad of skills gained in a highly competitive environment to support small, medium and large commercial and not for profit organisations. My motivation remains the same as always, to help individuals and organisations to achieve their personal and commercial goals… be the best they can be.

Partner Electronics Ltd approached The New to Experts because they were able to offer a bespoke programme that would meet our companies training needs and would work alongside us in developing and coaching our staff. One thing I liked was their openness to discuss our needs and to make the training bespoke and reactive to our company and individuals. Partner Electronics have found the experience a valuable process in developing our team skills especially around communicating with others and coaching.


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