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Terry Neild: Learning Programme Director

about_terryWhy am I passionate about what I do?

I first experienced leadership training during my time in the Royal Airforce. I had been promoted to the rank of Corporal and was invited to attend the Junior Management Leadership Course. I was excited yet apprehensive, what was in it for me?

I had the best of experiences, I marvelled at how the trainers were able to get me to think differently and how they coached me through the different aspects of leadership for me to truly embed the learning. I was lucky enough to attend a next level leadership course every time I was promoted, and each time loved the learning of something new about myself with each iteration.

I became increasingly fascinated with the concept of leadership and coaching and wanted to test myself as an instructor, so applied to be an instructor at the RAF College, delivering leadership training and coaching to newly recruited officer cadets. I arrived with high expectations and found the whole experience exhilarating. I had found my flow. To watch young men and women journey from university graduate to becoming a leader in their own right was the most satisfying experience I had had to date. I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life.

I left the RAF with a heavy yet satisfied heart and decided to pursue a career in “civvy” life. Daunting yes but a landscape of exciting new challenges was ahead of me. I spent the first year as a training manager with Bupa to get my corporate experience. This was helpful yet there was something missing, the coaching aspect. I was then lucky enough to be invited by a former RAF colleague to help create and deliver a leadership and coaching programme for a company in Oman. Back in the game!

This was the beginning of who I am now and who I was motivated to be. The opportunity to create bespoke programmes for leadership was a revelation, I found that this was the most satisfying personal experience and I have not looked back since. Indeed, from that moment onwards has been the best of times. I am lucky enough to have created and delivered programmes ranging from the graduate intakes of one of the largest IT Service Management companies in the world to a SME engineering company that wants their graduate engineers developed in the right manner. I have also facilitated leadership training for the largest defence company in the UK as well as devised a coaching programme for several of their senior managers.

I love my work and want to continue to help others achieve their personal goals. I inspire the aspirational and long may I continue to do so.


Partner Electronics Ltd approached The New to Experts because they were able to offer a bespoke programme that would meet our companies training needs and would work alongside us in developing and coaching our staff. One thing I liked was their openness to discuss our needs and to make the training bespoke and reactive to our company and individuals. Partner Electronics have found the experience a valuable process in developing our team skills especially around communicating with others and coaching.

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