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Our training workshops allow you to create a truly bespoke solution to meet the needs of your team and organisation to thrive and survive in a fast-moving and competitive business environment.

We work with you to understand your team’s needs. Establishing where the gaps might exist and also the most important outcomes required for your team session.

Below are just some of the deliverables from our High-Performance Programmes:
•    Greater Communication          • Drive Purpose, Values and Behaviour

•    High Collaboration      • Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

•    Self-Leadership          • Increased Accountability & Responsibility

•    Conflict Management • Enhanced Leadership Skills


We believe that Motorsport, particularly Formula One demonstrates some of the best examples of teamwork. Rapid decisions in a fast moving and ever changing environment can win or lose a race, We’ve teamed up with leading facilitators, Max Velocity to deliver experiences that re-create this environment.

F1 Pitstop Challenge

Working on a genuine F1 chassis, using all original equipment, your team will be changing wheels on your very own F1 car to achieve the fastest time. This requires collaborative teamwork, each team member has an individual task, but all are aiming for the same goal.

Teamwork Race

Motorsport simulation is used to re-create the fast-paced environment of a race. Your team will create a strategy, race other teams and identify the need to adapt to a constantly changing environment. No matter how competitive the car, winning is a Team effort!

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