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Our 100 days to make your people brilliant approach is designed with lasting change in mind.

When you invest in developing your people, it’s because you want to make a difference to individuals and the organisation; you want both your people and the organisation to grow. We believe in creating a lasting legacy in your organisation through our bespoke training and coaching programmes.

Bespoke: We recognise the needs of your organisation and people are unique to you.

Training: We believe that combining proven theories, tools and techniques with experiential exercises enables a change in perceptions. We encourage reflection through peer to peer review, facilitate the learning based on the participants anecdotes and link the learning back into the workplace. We engender accountability and collaboration to create the high performing teams you desire.

Coaching:  It is this 1:2:1 follow up that will embed the learning and support your individuals to reach their goals. Change, whether individual or organisational takes time, our 100-day approach supports you through that change, providing challenge and maintaining focus on the goals.

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What a great training day!  After our initial meeting Fiona clearly spent time working out exactly what we needed.  She made the effort to get to know how our team works and to understand what we needed to learn. On the day itself she was engaging and entertaining.  She made the day relevant to our needs and fun. The thing that strikes you most with Fiona is her ability to understand your business. She clearly has a strong sales background, but her real strength is understanding people and teaching you how to use her knowledge to make your business better.

Claire Short, Director, The Ashgrove Clinic, Northamptonshire


New role…high expectations. Whether you have invested in a new employee, or have an existing employee stepping up to a new role you are looking to see a timely return on your investment. Our 100 day programmes are developed to accelerate your people's skills and confidence so they can contribute to their team and the wider business as early as possible. 

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With long term sustainability fundamental to your organisations success, you need future focused leaders who know how to develop a culture that drives growth and change.  Our Accelerator programme delivers the skills and courage they need to make the big decisions.

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