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Our team started with just the two of us, Fiona Kilsby and Terry Neild. With diverse backgrounds, but similar experiences in developing individuals and teams, we are passionate about the same things:

We see the potential for individuals and teams to unlock their potential. We genuinely believe everyone has the capacity to be brilliant.

We believe the right learning environment – dynamic and challenging engages and inspires people to learn.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Your organisation has its unique challenges, your people are all different. We embrace your difference and build our programmes accordingly.

We are passionate about lasting change, and years of experience has taught us that coaching makes the difference. But don’t take our word for it, lots of research shows it works too.

We still love to learn and develop ourselves. We attend seminars and webinars and read the latest books to ensure we are delivering the most up to date and relevant training and coaching for these dynamic times. We’ll share our learning journey with you.

So that we can concentrate on what we do best we are supported by our Office Manager, Kerry and employ a team of experienced Senior Associates who are aligned with our values and deliver to our high standards.

Partner Electronics Ltd approached The New to Experts because they were able to offer a bespoke programme that would meet our companies training needs and would work alongside us in developing and coaching our staff. One thing I liked was their openness to discuss our needs and to make the training bespoke and reactive to our company and individuals. Partner Electronics have found the experience a valuable process in developing our team skills especially around communicating with others and coaching.


New role…high expectations. Whether you have invested in a new employee, or have an existing employee stepping up to a new role you are looking to see a timely return on your investment. Our 100 day programmes are developed to accelerate your people's skills and confidence so they can contribute to their team and the wider business as early as possible. 

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With long term sustainability fundamental to your organisations success, you need future focused leaders who know how to develop a culture that drives growth and change.  Our Accelerator programme delivers the skills and courage they need to make the big decisions.

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