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The Curious Employee

With average recruitment fees of 25-35% of year one salary, plus the time to recruit, interview and train new employees, you need to see a timely return on your investment. 

This programme creates Curious Employees that quickly build Rapport & Trust. They Collaborate and understand what it means to be part of a highly effective team.  Whether they be a new employee or graduate their skills in assertiveness and self-leadership are to be developed to encourage creativity and productivity within their new environment. They Question & Listen with respect and learn how to Influence & Negotiate to enable their ideas to be heard so they can contribute to their team and the wider business as early as possible.  

Core Modules include:

  • Being Curious - Question & Listening skills
  • Building Rapport & Trust
  • Assertiveness, Self-leadership and Resilience
  • Influencing Skills and Stakeholder Management
  • Motivating self and Conflict Management
  • Followership in the modern business world.
  • Presentation skills


"You get the best out of other's when you give the best of yourself"Harvey Firestone

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